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LEGO Backlot game

A screenshot inside the LEGO Backlot game

Please note: LEGO have removed the Backlot game (of which this page refers to) from and it cannot be played anymore.

The game links do not work and therefore have been removed. I have tried to get a downloadable copy of the game available on here, but so far I have not succeed. It seems Backlot is lost forever. :(

I am sure many people who have been on for a few years would have played the LEGO Studios online game, Backlot. In Backlot, you are a boy or a girl who starts work in the movie business and have to complete tasks for the other Studio workers. There is three levels in Backlot, the first is basically starting off in the business, the second is running errands for the other members of the crew, and the third and final one is a bit more challenging. Since Backlot is one of the old games that many people, over the years have had trouble with, I have come up with a walk-through that people can use as a guide on how to complete the game. I have completed Backlot many times, and each time I play it, I always discover something new that I didn’t even know existed. :)

So here’s the walk-through. These guidelines are not to be followed strictly, and serve as a guide, as there is always other ways to solve/do things in the game.

NOTE:  The game does NOT save progress, unless you have completed a rank. So, in other words, you can’t click a “SAVE” button and it saves it. Say you are on Level 2, if you want to come back to your game at a later date (the next day), then you will have to start from the BEGINNING of Level 2 and NOT from where you left off in Level 2, because Backlot is a very old game (around 2000-2001!).

You also need to have an old version of Flash Player for it to work, but if you just “pretend” to start the game (go to the link) and then it will probably prompt you to install the correction version -it didn’t happen to me, but it probably would for other people since it is an old game!


  • WALK: Use the arrow keys.
  • RUN: Hold down Z while using the arrow keys.
  • JUMP: Use the SPACEBAR.
  • TALK: Press CONTROL when standing next to the person you want to talk to.
  • USE: Press CONTROL when facing a button, stuntman catapult, or other things.
  • OPEN DOOR: Press CONTROL when facing door. OPEN/CLOSE BACKPACK: Press SHIFT to open or close your backpack.
  • SELECT ITEM IN BACKPACK: While the backpack is open, use your arrow keys to switch to a different item.
  • USE ITEM IN BACKPACK: While the backpack is open, press CONTROL to use the currently selected item (map, pistol, key, binoculars, etc.).
  • GIVE ITEM IN BACKPACK: While the backpack is open, press CONTROL to give the currently selected item to someone. Make sure you are standing next to the person you want to give it to.
  • ANSWER QUESTIONS: Use the NUMBER KEYS (1, 2, 3) (Note: NOT the ones one on the right of a keyboard, use the ones above the letter keys) to choose one of the answers.

LEGO Backlot Game Tutorial

Level 1

LEGO Backlot game map

The LEGO Backlot map

At first you will see a woman to the side of the main gate. You do not have to listen to her, so you don’t have to press “Ctrl” when she says to. Walk towards the main gate. You will see a mini-movie saying that Johnny Thunder lost his hat, pistol, and binoculars. After the mini-movie stops, talk to the security guy in the booth. He will tell you how to get a map. After you have your map, the security guy raises the barrier and lets you in.

Now, you have to find Johnny Thunder’s things:


Go to the right after you enter (towards where some studio lights are). Walk up to the guy that is fixing the wire that goes into one of the lights and press “Ctrl”. When you do this, he will tell you to pick up the toolkit next to him and put it in your backpack. Do what he says -walk up to the toolkit and press “Ctrl” (this puts it in your backpack), then walk up to the generator box and press “Select” (this opens your backpack). Select the toolbox by using the left/right arrow keys then press “Ctrl” to use it on the generator. The guy will be shocked (he will look like a skeleton for a second :P) and a key will fall out. Pit up the key by using the same method as before with the toolbox. Use it on the cherry-picker at the back of this area. Johnny Thunder’s binoculars will fall.


Go to the brown doors to the left of the main gate (I think) and open them by pressing “Ctrl”. Go to the area right of the Wardrobe Department. You will see some pictures. Run up the ladders to the second level of the picture things. Behind the one that is in the left corner is Johnny’s hat.


Jump up to the balcony attached to Wardrobe Department using the crates and stairs. Once you are up, there will be a woman. Walk up to her and press “Ctrl” to talk with her. When she asks you whether you would like to try on Johnny’s outfit, say Yes (by pressing the number “1”). You will now find the pistol in the pocket of the outfit.

After you have all of Johnny’s stuff, go back to the main gate where Johnny should be still standing. Open your backpack (by pressing “Shift”) and give Johnny his stuff, by selecting it in your menu (using the left/right arrow keys) and then pressing “Ctrl”. Once you give Johnny Thunder his stuff, he will ask you whether you want to work there, say Yes (by pressing the number “1”) and he will give you a studio pass that will put in your backpack. Now, a loading screen will appear saying that it is loading Level 2.

Level 2

Once it has finished loading, go to the security (person in the window by the gate) and show him your pass. He will then say that your locker is number 264. Now go to the big building in front of you that contains the Locker Room. Go up the stairs and head right towards a door and the sign “LOCKER ROOM”, press “Ctrl” to open the door. Go to locker number 264 and open your locker (by pressing “Ctrl” -the same way you open normal doors) to get the radio. Jump inside the locker (by pressing the “Spacebar” and pick up the radio (by pressing “Ctrl”). Once you have the radio, the boss will tell you to get over to stage 2 (press “Ctrl” to cycle through his comments). Go to the cafeteria which is called the “Commissary Room” or something), pick up the three empty cups by the coffee-makers, and put one under each machine. When they’re done, pick them up and leave the cafeteria.
Then go into Stage 2 and talk to the boss, then head over to the opposite end of the room, where you’ll see some boxes. Arrange a large and a small box like they were arranged in front of the costume department, jump up them, and go up the ladder in front of you. You’ll see a gaffer-guy somewhere in front of you; go to him and give him (I think) the latte. You can then jump off to your left, because the next person isn’t on a catwalk. Jump onto the three-wheeled motorcycle, then face the guy on the camera platform and jump up to him. I’m not sure, but I think you give him the cappuccino. The last person is hardest to reach. You’ll see in some direction a place with one swinging spotlight and two spotlights on the level above it. Get up onto the lower platform somehow (jumping from the caution-marked thing next to it works for me), hopefully landing on the side with the ladder, turn, and climb up the ladder. Then you dodge through the other two swinging spotlights, and there she is. Give her your last coffee.
Then report to the boss and you’re done with Level 2!

Level 3

In Level 3, you will go to Stage 1 and be told that everything is going wrong. Jump across to the platform (the one you went to in Level 1 to find Johnny’s pistol) with the suit on it, and change into it (by pressing “Ctrl”). Go back to Stage 1 where “everything is going wrong”. Go to where the entrance to the alligator pit is, and get across it, jumping on each alligator. Then go up the ramp that has the blue barrels rolling down it, and use the stuntman catapult to get the pie on top of the set. Jump down and give the pie to the guy standing near the trailers. To get the script, go through the brown doors outside. Go to the place near the Locker Room (the room you went to in Level 2 to get your radio) and pick a flower (by pressing “Ctrl”). Then, go back to Stage 1 and give the flower that you picked up to Gizelle (the girl who says she is Johnny’s leading lady) on the set. Say that her secret admirer is Frank (by pressing the number “3”) and she will give you a note. Then go to the cafeteria (or “Commissary Room”) and go to the second floor using the stairs. Give the note to the crying guy and he will give you the script. Give the script to Steven, the director on the set in Stage 1.

…and that’s the end! If you want to do the Prop Master’s quiz (he is behind the Props place, I think), even though you don’t get anything for completing it, here is the answers (spoiler alert):

  1. 2 (The Wizard of Oz)
  2. 3 (Citizen Kane)
  3. 1 (Jurassic Park III)
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  1. well how the heck am i suppose to use this info to play the game where must i go to play it????

  2. how do i download legobacklot?

  3. the link you put doesnt work

  4. Can you please put a downloadble version? The link does not work and I don’t want to lose my childhood :( !

    • Sorry but I can’t. The downloadable versions that I’ve tried don’t work properly. I wish I could make the game available to you guys, but LEGO has gotten rid of it completely. :(


    Here is the game, you need xampp installed or an old version of shockwave installed

  6. I got the game to work on the link.

    Go to that page

    in Internet Explorer (32-bit) and it works flawlessly in Windows 7.
    I know IE is crap but it’s worth it :D

  7. EvanKlug, that does not work. Actually, none of these sites work! Backlot is lost. :(

  8. If nowhere else works, try

    Confirmed to work on Chrome in Windows 7 as of 11/28/13

  9. none of these links are working for me!

  10. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. There’s a working downloadable version here, though it requires XAMPP to save progress and such:

    It’s in part 3 of the games pack, and as you can see…

    … There’s a LOT in it besides just Backlot.

  12. I remember this from when I was younger and I loved playing it! I really want to enjoy it but non of these links work. What do I do? :(

  13. Update – Just noticed that the BMP also has an online version:

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