MOC of the Week: LEGO Dinosaurs

This week’s MOC of the Week was built by the talented Sami Mustonen (senteosan on Flickr) and is two medium-sized LEGO recreations of a T. Rex and a Stegosaurus. One surprising fact about the images below is that they’re both digitally rendered images. From the looks of Sami’s Flickr photostream, he is pretty good and digital rendering and graphic design.

LEGO Dinosaurs by Sami Mustonen 1

These models aren’t just well-built LEGO creations, they’re also on the LEGO CUUSOO website (see the builders message below). Vote for the T. Rex here and the Stegosaurus here.

Hi all dinosaur fans, just wondering could you help these iconic giants to reach 10,000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO? The best part is that with your support, idea might be produced as an actual LEGO set – voting takes no longer than couple minutes.

Support Tyrannosaurus rex here:

Support Stegosaurus here:

LEGO Dinosaurs by Sami Mustonen 2LEGO Dinosaurs by Sami Mustonen 3Remember to check out Sami Mustonen’s other 3D rendering projects and more images of these creations over at his Flickr photostream here and share your opinion on his LEGO dinosaurs in the comments section below.

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Want us to feature your LEGO creation? Simply submit your creation by using the Contact form (here) -make sure you put Model for MOC of the Week for the subject and upload an image of your model using the File Attachment section!

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My name is Nathan, I am 12 years old, I live in New Zealand (that smaller island country close to Australia) and I am the administrator and founder of BrickExtra. I have been building with LEGO for as long as I can remember and I enjoy talking with other LEGO enthusiasts and fans about what the latest LEGO news and our new creations.


  1. Thanks for picking Bricksauria for MOC of the week! I added a link to your blog on both these Cuusoo projects :)

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