LEGO at the 2014 German Toy Fair

The 2014 German Toy Fair has started in Nuremberg, Germany and, unlike last week’s London Toy Fair, LEGO allows photography of the sets on display at this event. News has already started coming out of the fair, such as licensed sets based on the upcoming Disney animated Star Wars series “Rebels”, a video of the new LEGO City trains and the summer 2014 LEGO Technic line being revealed at the toy fair.

LEGO Star Wars Rebels Sets

First up, we have some news that came just before the opening day of the German toy fair about the new Star Wars Rebels TV series. got a chance to check out two of the new LEGO Star Wars Rebels sets (75048 The Phantom and 75053 The Ghost). Both sets include starships, with The Phantom being a small one-person fighter ship and The Ghost as a big two-cockpit starship with detachable escape pods.

LEGO at the 2014 German Toy Fair 1

The Rebels TV series is set to take over the role from the long-running original Clone Wars TV show on the Disney Channel. The show is supposedly based off the time when the Empire had control of nearly the whole galaxy and as the rebellion against Emperor Palpatine’s rule began to rise.

The minifigures for the new LEGO Star Wars sets are a secret as they are still in the prototype stage, although we did get to see a new astromech droid called Chopper or C1-10P (see right) at the Rebels reveal on’s video.

New LEGO City Trains Sets

A video by the Italian HobbymediaIT site that was posted on YouTube shows the return of the LEGO City Trains sub-theme and close-ups of the new trains that will be released in mid-2014. The sub-theme will have three new sets, including two trains and a train station.

  • 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train (610 pieces, US$149.99)
  • 60052 Cargo Train (887 pieces, US$199.99)
  • 60050 Train Station (423 pieces, US$64.99)

The first of trains, a passenger bullet train, (60051) contains 8 straight track and 16 turning track elements. The white bullet train itself has three sections, powered by batteries and can be controlled using a Power Functions RC remote. Some other things to note in this set are the railway crossing with barrier arms and the small platform station.

The second set (60052) includes a cargo train with three different flatbed trailers, a cargo ute, a forklift and 4 minifigures. The set also includes a cargo crane, 2 switch tracks, 8 straight ones and 28 curved track.

The train station set (60050) contains a taxi, food outlet, LEGO display area, the platform and 5 minifigures.

LEGO at the 2014 German Toy Fair 2

LEGO Technic 42029 Pick up Truck and 42030 Volvo Front Loader

The same Italian website that brought us the video of the LEGO City Trains sets from Nuremberg has also posted several videos on their YouTube channel that show two of the LEGO Technic summer 2014 sets in their own videos. The videos show a red 4×4 pickup truck (42029) and a Volvo bulldozer (42030).

Technic would probably have to be one of my favourite themes at the moment (apart from Creator, City, and CMF) and I would have to say that the red ute looks very nice with it’s suspension, winch at the front and other functions. The Volvo digger is an interesting radio controlled and fully functional set and will be probably be popular with AFOL’s.

LEGO at the 2014 German Toy Fair 3

There almost certainly will be more news about new themes and Summer 2014 sets being seen for the first time at this year’s German toy fair before it ends on the 3rd of February, but those will be posted individually in their own articles over the coming days.

What is your opinion on all these new sets and information from the 2014 German Toy Fair? Share your thoughts on what sets your excited about in the comments section below.

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