LEGO at the 2014 London Toy Fair

LEGO at the 2014 London Toy Fair 2The first of the major toy fairs this year has kicked off at the Olympia in Kensington, London and, like always, LEGO has a booth at the 61st London Toy Fair.

The teams over at Brick Fanatics as well as All About Bricks have been covering what going on at the event and, even though photography isn’t allowed, we now have more information (such as set names and numbers) for some more previously unknown sets.

Check out all the news and details coming out of the 2014 London Toy Fair below, along with what we knew before about the Summer 2014 sets.

Ultra Agents

LEGO Ultra Agents

Ultra Agents will have a spy storyline with an evil overlord (Inferno) as the main enemy. Each set contains a different mission with an online comic. You can use augmented reality to create your own comics.

  • 71060 Riverside Raid (88 pieces, UK£9.99)
  • 71061 Tremor Track Infiltration (241 pieces, UK£17.99)
  • 71602 Inferno Interception (313 pieces, UK£24.99)
  • 71063 Toxikita’s Toxic Meltdown (429 pieces, UK£34.99)
  • 71064 Hurricane Heist (589 pieces, UK£49.99)
  • 71065 Ultra Agents Mission HQ (1048 pieces, UK£79.99)


Summer 2014’s City sets will included a new Arctic sub-theme which will have a blue and orange colour scheme and is about the “secrets of the ice.” New Arctic elements and minifigures include Huskies, snowshoes and a new articulated polar bear figure. The City Trains sub-theme also returns with passenger and cargo trains as well as a new train station.

  • 60032 Arctic Snowmobile (44 pieces, US$6.99)
  • 60033 Arctic Ice Crawler (113 pieces, US$14.99)
  • 60034 Arctic Helicrane (262 pieces, US$39.99)
  • 60035 Arctic Outpost (374 pieces,US$49.99)
  • 60036 Arctic Base Camp (733 pieces, US$89.99)
  • 60050 Train Station (423 pieces US$64.99)
  • 60051 High-Speed Passenger Train (610 pieces, US$149.99)
  • 60052 Cargo Train (888 pieces, US$199.99)
  • 60062 Arctic Ice Breaker

Collectible Minifigures

The Simpsons-themed Series 13 from Collectable Minifigures line will be available in May 2014. Future series’ will have a code included in the bag that unlocks the character in the LEGO Minifigures Online MMO game.


  • 31023 Yellow Racers (328 pieces, US$29.99)

The LEGO® Creator Yellow Racers helicopter with giant rotor and retractable landing gear rebuilds into a high-speed race car or speedboat.

Hold on tight! Take the 3-in-1 Yellow Racers helicopter for a thrilling ride. This awesome machine has a powerful, chunky main rotor, sleek cockpit and retractable front landing gear. Taxi to the helipad using its multidirectional tail wheel. Skim over th Get up, up and away in this high-speed 3-in-1 Yellow Racers helicopter!

  • 31024 Roaring Power (374 pieces, US$29.99)

The cool 3-in-1 LEGO® Creator Roaring Power sports car has opening doors and rebuilds into a ferocious dino or a twin-propeller seaplane.

Feel the awesome power from the beefy exhausts of this flashy 3-in-1 Roaring Power sports car. Featuring a sporty red and white color scheme, alloy-colored wheels and a cool rear spoiler for ultimate style and handling. When you’re done cruising, you can Cruise the streets with the ultra-cool 3-in-1 Roaring Power sports car!

  • 31026 Bike Shop & Cafe (1023 pieces, US$89.99)

The LEGO® Creator Bike Shop & Café is packed with exciting, imaginative details and can rebuild into an auto repair shop or a flower shop.

Open a world of adventures with this exciting 3-in-1 Bike Shop & Café. Serve delicious muffins and espresso coffee to your customers at the cozy café. Then visit the neighboring bike shop, buy the cool red bike that’s for sale, mount it on your car rack a Open up for a world of adventure with the 3-in-1 Bike Shop & Café!


  • 10526 Peter Pan’s Visit (39 pieces, US$29.99)
  • 10528 School Bus (26 pieces, US$19.99)
  • 10538 Planes (30 pieces, US$29.99)
  • 10539 Beach Racing (37 pieces, US$24.99)
  • 10543 Superman Rescue (19 pieces, US$19.99)
  • 10544 The Joker Challenge (40 pieces, US$29.99)
  • 10545 Batcave Adventure (59 pieces, US$49.99)
  • 10568 Knight Tourney (UK£8.99)
  • 10569 Treasure Attack (46 pieces, US$29.99)
  • 10577 Big Royal Castle (£49.99)
  • 10579 Clubhouse Cafe (16 pieces, US$12.99)
  • 10580 Deluxe Box of Fun (95 pieces, US$49.99)


  • 41030 Olivia’s Ice Cream Bike (98 pieces, US$9.99)
  • 41031 Andrea’s Mountain Hut (119 pieces, US$9.99)
  • 41032 First Aid Jungle Bike (156 pieces, US$14.99)
  • 41033 Jungle Falls Rescue (183 pieces, US$19.99)
  • 41034 Summer Caravan (297 pieces, US$29.99)
  • 41036 Jungle Bridge Rescue (365 pieces, US$29.99)
  • 41038 Jungle Rescue Base (473 pieces, US$59.99)
  • 41040 Friends Advent Calendar (228 pieces, US$29.99)
  • 41047 Seal on a Rock (37 pieces, US$3.99)
  • 41048 Lion in the Savannah (43 pieces, US$3.99)
  • 41049 Panda in the Bamboo (47 pieces, US$3.99)
  • 4158 Heartlake Shopping Center (1120 pieces, US$109.99)
  • 41059 Jungle Tree House

Hero Factory

  • 44023 ROCKA Crawler (49 pieces, US$9.99)
  • 44024 TUNNELER Beast vs. SURGE (59 pieces, US$9.99)
  • 44025 BULK Drill Machine (113 pieces, US$14.99)
  • 44026 CRYSTAL Beast vs. BULK (83 pieces, US$14.99)
  • 44027 BREEZ Flea Machine (102 pieces, US$14.99)
  • 44028 SURGE & ROCKA Combat Machine (188 pieces, US$24.99)
  • 44029 QUEEN Beast vs. FURNO, EVO & STORMER (217 pieces, US$34.99)


  • 10669 Turtle’s Lair (107 pieces, US$19.99)
  • 10671 Fire Emergency (123 pieces, US$19.99)
  • 10676 Knights’ Castle (480 pieces, US$49.99)

Legends of Chima

Earlier in the month it was revealed that several new tribes would be coming to the LEGO Legends of Chima theme for the Summer 2014 wave of sets, including Vultures, Sabre-tooth Tigers, Mammoths and Phoenix.

System Sets

  • 70141 Vardy Ice Vulture Glider (217 pieces, US$19.99)
  • 70142 Eris Fire Eagle Flyer (330 pieces, US$29.99)
  • 70143 Sir Fangar’s Sabre-tooth Walker (415 pieces, US$39.99)
  • 70144 Laval Fire Lion (450 pieces, US$49.99)
  • 70145 Maula’s Ice Mammoth Stomper (604 pieces, US$89.99)
  • 70146 Flying Phoenix Fire Temple (1301 pieces, US$119.99)


  • 70149 Scorching Blades (77 pieces, US$12.99)
  • 70150 Flaming Claws (74 pieces, US$12.99)
  • 70151 Frozen Spikes (77 pieces, US$12.99)
  • 70152 Lava Breakout (59 pieces, US$12.99)
  • 70153 Fang Trap (79 pieces, US$12.99)
  • 70154 Frozen Fortress (58 pieces, US$12.99)
  • 70155 Inferno Pit (74 pieces, US$12.99)
  • 70156 Fire vs. Ice (102 pieces, US$19.99)


  • 70206 CHI Laval (49 pieces, US$14.99)
  • 70207 CHI Cragger (58 pieces, US$14.99)
  • 70208 CHI Panthar (59 pieces, US$14.99)
  • 70209 CHI Mungus (64 pieces, US$14.99)
  • 70210 CHI Vardy (68 pieces, US$14.99)
  • 70211 CHI Fluminox (91 pieces, US$19.99)
  • 70212 CHI Sir Fangar (97 pieces, US$19.99)

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

Smaug will be a similar size to the dragon in the 70403 Dragon Mountain set. The Witch King will also make an appearance and will glow in the dark. Elrond makes a return and looks similar to the polybag version from the LOTR game pre-order bonus.


Series 1 of the new LEGO Mixels theme will be released in March 2014 which is then followed by Series 2 in June and Series 3 in September. The individual models will cost UK£3 each and a Mixels TV show will air on Cartoon Network as many predicted.


For Summer 2014 we have two more sets that continue this year’s new robotic Ninjago and Brick Fanatics is reporting that the theme will continue till the end of the year and maybe into 2015

  • 70727 X-1 Ninja Charger (426 pieces, US$39.99)
  • 70728 Battle for Ninjago City (1223 pieces, US$119.99)

Star Wars

  • 75048 The Phantom (234 pieces, US$24.99)
  • 75049 Snowspeeder (278 pieces, US$29.99)
  • 75050 B-Wing (448 pieces, US$49.99)
  • 75051 Jedi Scout Fighter (490 pieces, US$59.99)
  • 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina (615 pieces, US$69.99)
  • 75053 The Ghost (929 pieces, US$89.99)
  • 75054 AT-AT (1138 pieces, US$109.99)
  • 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer (1359 pieces, US$129.99)
  • 75056 Advent Calendar (274 pieces, US$39.99)

Super Heroes

Cyclops is confirmed as a minifigure in the X-Men set along with the X-Jet (or Blackbird). Cyclops is in his Astonishing X-Men outfit. Storm will have a black outfit and Magneto has white slick hair. The X-Jet will have a different look from the comics and the Marvel Super Heroes video game. The front of the jet is reported to be blunt and smaller than the Avengers Quinjet.

The LEGO DC Super Heroes sets that were due to be released next year (2015) will be delayed until 2016 to be released at the same time with the Batman vs. Superman movie. A new DC line will be replacing it in the meantime for 2015.

  • 76019 Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy (196 pieces, US$19.99)
  • 76020 Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy (433 pieces, US$39.99)
  • 76061 Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy (665 pieces, US$74.99)
  • 76022 Marvel X-Men (336 pieces, US$49.99)


There will be a Volvo licensed wheeled-digger which also includes Power Functions motors.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The names of the three movie sets have been revelaed. The turtles are different than the ones from the cartoon series minifigures (the colour of their skin seems to be darker than before). Splinter will have short legs instead of the dress leg piece.

  • 79115 Turtle Van Takedown (368 pieces, US$39.99)
  • 79116 Big Rig Snow Getaway (741 pieces, US$69.99)
  • 79117 Turtle Lair Invasion (888 pieces, US$99.99)

The LEGO Movie

  • 70810 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow (2741 pieces)
  • 70814 Emmet’s Constructo-Mech (707 pieces, US$59.99)
  • 70815 Super Secret Police Dropship (853 pieces, US$79.99)
  • 70816 Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! (939 pieces, US$99.99)

Share your opinion on the newly revealed LEGO Summer 2014 set names and information above in the comments section below. Remember that in a couple of weeks time, we’ll have coverage from the 2014 German toy fair and, after that, they’ll be the New York one.

Build new characters with hilarious results: LEGO® Mixels.


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