LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Thor Poster and DLC Pack

LEGO Thor The Dark World Poster

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Yet another movie poster for a superhero movie has been recreated in LEGO it seems, with revealing the LEGO-ized version of the teaser poster for the upcoming second Thor film, The Dark World. The movie opens in cinemas on November 8th 2013. The last movie poster that was officially recreated in LEGO was for Iron Man 3 in April.

In other LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and Thor-related news, Warner Brothers have recently announced that they will be releasing a Thor: The Dark World themed DLC pack for the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game. The pack will include 8 new playable characters from the film and will be available when the game launches.

We can only assume that the 8 characters to be included in the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Thor DLC pack will be some of the ones shown on the teaser poster that was revealed by

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Game Artwork RevealedThe game will be released on PlayStation 3, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 and PC near the end of this month (October 22nd to be exact). The LEGO Marvel game comes out at a time when no LEGO Marvel Super Heroes sets are being announced or released in the foreseeable future.

Fans are also expecting a bit more LEGO Marvel information to be revealed at the New York Comic Con, where Arthur Parsons, the TT Games game director, will be showing off some new sections of the game, unveiling several playable characters and exclusive announcements.

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