Possible LEGO Ninjago 2014 Set Names Leaked

Way back in December of last year, we reported about a LEGO Message Boards post made by a LEGO.com forum moderator that stated that the immensely popular LEGO Ninjago theme would be continuing with new sets scheduled for release in early 2014 – after rumours speared that the theme was going to end after the similar Legends of Chima theme came into being.Possible LEGO Ninjago 2014 Set Names Leaked

Now a Hungarian site by the name of Kockamania is reporting that the LEGO Ninjago theme might be coming back as soon as December this year. The website states that seven new Ninjago sets will be released in early December 2013 and lists their names (read the English translation of them below).

  • 70720 Hover Hunter
  • 70721 Fighter Kai
  • 70722 OverBorg Attack
  • 70723 Thunder Raider
  • 70724 NinjaCopter
  • 70725 Nindroid MechDragon
  • 70726 Destructoid

From the teaser poster that was released late last year in the official LEGO forum post (above), it seems as though the ice ninja, Zane, has a bionic eye and looks even more like a robot. Note the weird reflection of a robotic character in his eye. Even the names of sets sound more techno and sort of futuristic. This could mean that this early 2014 wave of Ninjago sets will more mechanical vehicles, etc.

So! Now that we have some more information on what’s coming up later this year and next year for all those loyal LEGO Ninjago fans out there, what do you think about these upcoming sets just from looking at their names? Share your thoughts on the LEGO Ninjago 2014 set names in comments below.

Source: The Brick Fan

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  1. sweet I’m a Ninjago fan and my friend too how cool keep it up

  2. Even though Zane is white and a nindroid, the picture shows someone with Brown hair but zane’s is light blonde

    • Thats cyrus borg the overborg

      heres my idea
      the ninjas and garmadon try and stop his doomsday devices, but the last one sends them into a computer world, and they need to stop overborg, cryptor and his minions to shut the machine down (with the help of pixal)., but when they get out ninjago is destroyed (First half of the season) so they rebuild it into New ninjago city, but the overborg and his minions escaped and start taking over ninjago and turn Sensei wu evil, so the Ninjas find the techno blades and save sensei wu. and they have to stop the Destroyer and save the world.

  3. ninjago o-o im a fan

  4. Thanks to brickqueen I found this website

  5. These 2014 ninjago sets are going to be very very very very cool.

  6. I like ninjago2014 sets.

  7. I want to get all of the 2014 ninjago sets.

  8. Its just the weird edge shading. Thats Zane.

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