LEGO Architecture 21018 United Nations Headquarters

Either GRogall from Eurobricks or motayan from Flickr first revealed an image of the previously unknown and unseen LEGO Architecture 21018 United Nations Headquarters set on the internet just before. This new set contains 597 pieces, but we don’t currently have any official pricing details or release dates.

LEGO Architecture 21018 United Nations HeadquartersLEGO Architecture 21018 United Nations Headquarters 2Anyway, the real United Nations Headquarters is located in New York City in the US took four years to construct (1948 – 1952), has a total of 39 floors and cost US$65,000,000 (65 million). Do you think that LEGO has done a good job of representing the United Nations Headquarters in LEGO?

Source: Eurobricks and Flickr

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  1. Hey guys, the set will probably be from $40-$50 because the White House is 550 pieces and priced anywhere from $40.37-$49.99. Since this is 597 pieces it will probably be a few bucks more($5-$10). Also off topic, but what is with that Mr.Gold mini figure?! The thing cost $500 bucks! When it first came put it was $1000, and the limited edition was $5K!! With that money, go buy something like a pool table or a ping pong table. The only reason it should be $5K is if it’s solid gold, which it’s not!

    I don’t know how those pictures got on there.


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