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70113 Chi Battles

70113 Chi Battles

We now know two new sets and their numbers from the new Legends of Chima theme. The first (above), is called “70113 Chi Battles” and consists of 443 pieces, two battling cycles with ripcords, and two animal humanoid minifigures.

An image of a second Legends of Chima set (below) was printed on the back of Chi Battles. This set is 70002 Lennoxs’ Lion-Buggy. It will contain two minifigures.

70002 Lennoxs' Lion-Buggy

70002 Lennoxs’ Lion-Buggy

Here is a image of the back of the box for 70013 Chi Battles:

70013 Chi Battles back

The back of the 70113 Chi Battles box


On September 2nd, I posted an image that was found in the LEGO Club Magazine. The poster contained a question mark and “2013” In the images that have just been discovered, the logo of Legends of Chima (below) has the same blue precious stone that was found on the poster.

LEGO 2013 Teaser Poster

A teaser poster for the Legends of Chima theme


The Legends of Chima logo

This news, I think, is the most exciting news we have had all year. Now we actually have some idea of the kind of sets that LEGO Legends of Chima is going to produce next year. :)

Sources: Groove Bricks, Toys N Bricks, and Brickipedia


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    • When I first started this website (BrickExtra -on May 2nd 2012), it was confusing. Over time, though , I learned about a whole heap of stuff! ;)

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  3. I like the animals figures. it might open a ehole new availability! That could leave a posibility of making lego Redwall!

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